Sweating in Style

When retail therapy doesn’t work there is always the therapy of a good workout! Whether it is running, lifting weights or yoga sweating helps release the toxic. As you know girls don’t sweat we sparkle and why not sparkle in a cute outfit. It not only puts a little pep in your step, but also gives you a reason to go to the gym. Active wear is becoming a more common fashion statement even outside of the gym, however most workout clothes can be costly. I have selected some outfits that will make you sparkle that much more at the gym and created them at an inexpensive cost!

Train Insane in Grey

Blog 6 Outfit 1Outfit Breakdown:

1. Old Navy Women’s Active Running Tees @ $16.94

2. Forever 21 Active Running Capri @ $15.80

3. Target C9 by Champion® Women’s Reversible Compression Cami Bra @ $14.99

Total Cost of Outfit: $47.73

Glistening in Pink

Blog 6 Outfit 2Outfit Breakdown:

1. Forever 21 Seamless Racerback Run Tank @ $10.80

2. H&M Ribbed Sports Top @ $12.95

3. Forever 21 Low Impact Sports Bra @ $8.80

4. Old Navy DWomen’s Active by Old Navy Compression Capris (19″) @ $17.00

Total Cost of Outfit: $49.55

Keep in mind that a good pair of shoes is key in every workout outfit, don’t break the bank, but make an investment. Enjoy the burn in style!