Farewell Frugal Minded Fashionista

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it has been an enjoyable ride through the semester. I have enjoyed expanding my horizons throughout the many social media outlets I already used and learned about many more to add to the list, thanks for that by the way. The social media outlet that I didn’t know about that really intrigued me was Storify. I will be using that to better extend my knowledge on things that interest me. I thought making a YouTube video would be more nerve racking than it was and I actually kind of enjoyed it. It was probably an experience I would not have done on my own anytime soon. I still haven’t been able to really get into twitter for the personal tweets yet, but it came in super handy this semester when issues arose through my apartment to reach corporate fast without the run around. So, I can see the value in twitter at least for your voice to be heard on a global scale, any social media really for that matter. I enjoyed the blog experience because I was able to be creative and hopefully help a girl find an outfit or two. I am not sure it is for me on a regular basis, but who knows what the future brings. I might get into a company and see they desperately need a blog and the use of social media to promote their brand and really get their company or product to the next level because of that I am grateful of this experience. I won’t be so blind going into it if the need is there and have at least a small ground to stand on and can bring a little value to the situation. Farewell Frugal Minded Fashionista, the blog might stop, but my frugal fashion mind will be forever!


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