Mall Directory at Your Fingertips

More times often then not when you are traveling or in a different area of your town you need a mall and to know what stores are in it; a.) because you forgot something that you needed/wanted to go with that perfect outfit or b.) because the outfit you brought it just not working for you. You don’t want to waste your time at a mall that doesn’t even have the stores you are looking for or even waste your time walking around to find your stores or a mall directory. To save time for the in a hurry shopper I would like to create a mobile app that has every mall directory and layout in the nation at your fingertips.

The first screen would have the favorites (which I will explain  in a moment), then a zip code search bar to find the closest to you, and top five malls in the city you are in.


Once you type in the zip code and hit search the malls will populate in a list to be selected.


Once you select a mall that mall directory with the stores in it will populate. 3rd

After you have decide this is the mall you would like to go to you will be able to click the mall’s name and the address will be sent to your navigation app on your phone for driving directions. Get more information on Google Maps App.


There will also be a favorite(s) button that you can add the store(s) you most frequently shop at. That way when the app is searching for malls in your location it will first search for malls with your favorite store(s) in it.


This app will help an individual who is traveling or just not in their area of town be able to locate a mall with the store(s) they are looking for, get driving directions to that mall, and park in the area that their store(s) are located to help reduce time spent in the mall.


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