Team Spirit Style

GAME DAY!!! Everyone likes to support their team whether it is college or professional sports, especially on game day. There are parties, tailgates, and possibly the game to attend. As a girl we have options when it comes to sporting events. You could either wear a shirt/jersey with the team’s name/logo on it or you could go the fashionable way and put together an outfit with the team’s colors to have spirit with style. You could also throw in the team’s logo with your accessories: rings, earrings, and scarves. I have chosen a few outfits that represent some of my favorite college teams and have made them cost-effective.

Bobcat Bombshell

Bombshell Bobcat

Outfit Breakdown:

1. H&M Sweatshirt @ $17.95

2. Charlotte Russe Refuge High Waisted Skinny Jean @ $32.99

3. Forever 21 Minimalist Plated Wrist Cuff @ $5.80

4. A’GACI Doris-1! Fx Suede Pointed Leopard Pump @ $29.50

Bonus: Sam Moon Long Crinkle Scarf @ $6.00

Total Cost of Outfit: $92.24

Longhorn Lady

Longhorn Lady

Outfit Breakdown:

1. Longhorn Fashion Classic Burnt Orange Top @ $24.00

2. Old Navy The Rockstar Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans @ $34.94

3. Forever 21 City-Chic Wedge Boots @ $32.80

4. A’GACI Cut Out Half Moon Epoxy Layer Choker @ $12.90

5. Sam Moon Chronograph Boyfriend Watch @ $13.50

Total Cost of Outfit: $118.14

Have fun at whatever sporting event you attend and always represent your team!


One thought on “Team Spirit Style

  1. I absoloutely love this blog and this post!! I am a huge football fan for both the Bobcats and the Longhorns and reguraly attend both college games. I was just thinking the other day what I should wear to the UTvsTech game on Thanksgiving and this gave me some really great and cheap options! Thank you, and keep up the good work!!

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