Mall Directory at Your Fingertips

More times often then not when you are traveling or in a different area of your town you need a mall and to know what stores are in it; a.) because you forgot something that you needed/wanted to go with that perfect outfit or b.) because the outfit you brought it just not working for you. You don’t want to waste your time at a mall that doesn’t even have the stores you are looking for or even waste your time walking around to find your stores or a mall directory. To save time for the in a hurry shopper I would like to create a mobile app that has every mall directory and layout in the nation at your fingertips.

The first screen would have the favorites (which I will explain  in a moment), then a zip code search bar to find the closest to you, and top five malls in the city you are in.


Once you type in the zip code and hit search the malls will populate in a list to be selected.


Once you select a mall that mall directory with the stores in it will populate. 3rd

After you have decide this is the mall you would like to go to you will be able to click the mall’s name and the address will be sent to your navigation app on your phone for driving directions. Get more information on Google Maps App.


There will also be a favorite(s) button that you can add the store(s) you most frequently shop at. That way when the app is searching for malls in your location it will first search for malls with your favorite store(s) in it.


This app will help an individual who is traveling or just not in their area of town be able to locate a mall with the store(s) they are looking for, get driving directions to that mall, and park in the area that their store(s) are located to help reduce time spent in the mall.


Team Spirit Style

GAME DAY!!! Everyone likes to support their team whether it is college or professional sports, especially on game day. There are parties, tailgates, and possibly the game to attend. As a girl we have options when it comes to sporting events. You could either wear a shirt/jersey with the team’s name/logo on it or you could go the fashionable way and put together an outfit with the team’s colors to have spirit with style. You could also throw in the team’s logo with your accessories: rings, earrings, and scarves. I have chosen a few outfits that represent some of my favorite college teams and have made them cost-effective.

Bobcat Bombshell

Bombshell Bobcat

Outfit Breakdown:

1. H&M Sweatshirt @ $17.95

2. Charlotte Russe Refuge High Waisted Skinny Jean @ $32.99

3. Forever 21 Minimalist Plated Wrist Cuff @ $5.80

4. A’GACI Doris-1! Fx Suede Pointed Leopard Pump @ $29.50

Bonus: Sam Moon Long Crinkle Scarf @ $6.00

Total Cost of Outfit: $92.24

Longhorn Lady

Longhorn Lady

Outfit Breakdown:

1. Longhorn Fashion Classic Burnt Orange Top @ $24.00

2. Old Navy The Rockstar Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans @ $34.94

3. Forever 21 City-Chic Wedge Boots @ $32.80

4. A’GACI Cut Out Half Moon Epoxy Layer Choker @ $12.90

5. Sam Moon Chronograph Boyfriend Watch @ $13.50

Total Cost of Outfit: $118.14

Have fun at whatever sporting event you attend and always represent your team!

Keeping it Chic on Casual Friday

Anyone in the corporate world looks forward to casual Friday, where you get to wear jeans and be a bit more relaxed at work. Sometimes people can take casual Friday to the extreme and not even try to have a style that day, by just throwing on whatever they find on their closet floor. Even though it is casual Friday I believe you should still look stylish and put together just in a less corporate attire. I have found a couple of outfits that fits my idea of casual Friday style and I have made them affordable too!

Royal in Purple

Work Outfit 1

Outfit Breakdown:

1. Forever 21 Boxy Cuffed Sleeve Top @ $15.80

2. Old Navy Women’s The Sweetheart Skinny Jeans @ $29.50

3. DSW G by GUESS Vianaa Platform Pump @ $24.94

4. Body Central Mixed Chain Layered Necklace @ 7.90

Total Cost of Outfit: $78.14

Blazing at the Office

Work Outfit 2

Outfit Breakdown:

1. H&M Top in Slub Jersey @ $9.95

2. Old Navy Women’s Cropped Skinny Boyfriend Jeans @ $34.94

3. Forever 21 Hook-Eye Closure Blazer @ $27.80

4. Charlotte Russe Basic Reversible Pant Belt @ 9.99

5. DSW Diba Dianna Patent Pump @ 39.95

6. Sam Moon Fashion Tote Bag @ 29.99

Total Cost of Outfit: $152.62

Don’t forget the main reason to look chic on casual Friday, Happy Hour! Since you already look fierce you can go straight after work to enjoy  extra time with friends!

Fabulously Cozy in Fall

Boots and scarves and sweaters oh my! The season is here where you can be stylish and comfortable at the same time and it is considered fashion. On any cool day a girl, in my book, needs a good pair of jeans or leggings, a cozy sweater and most definitely a scarf to go with every outfit and I mean every outfit. I am a scarf fanatic, if you don’t have one get one! Fall fashion can be a bit tricky towards the beginning of the season with the weather never being able to decide on what temperature to maintain, so layers are key this time of year! I have selected some outfits that keep the cozy fall style in mind at a reasonable cost.

Snug with Animal Print

Fall Outfit 1

Outfit Breakdown:

1. Forever 21 Daring Cutout Sweater @ $19.80

2. American Eagle Hi-Rise Skinny Jean @ $39.95

3. Forever 21 City-Chic Buckle Boots @ $39.80

4. A’GACI All Over Cheetah Print Scarf @ $10.90

5. Sam Moon Circle Face Watch @ $16.99

Total Cost of Outfit: $127.44

Blackout with Fall

Fall Outfit 2

Outfit Breakdown:

1. Forever 21 Must-Have Sheer Tee @ $9.80

2. Wet Seal Reptile Embossed Vegan Leather Legging @ $14.90

3. Charlotte Russe Basic Cuffed Sleeve Blazer @ $32.99

4. Forever 21 Polka Dot Scarf @ $8.80

5. Wet Seal Ankle Bow Heel Boot @ $36.90

6. Sam Moon Boston Tote Bag @ $28.99

Total Cost of Outfit: $132.38

Fall outfits can seem to cost you a bit more and they do because of jeans, boots, and jackets. Just keep in mind those items are staples in any fall wardrobe and you can use them for several outfits making the investment worth it!

Music Festival Fashion

With Austin City Limits Music Festival approaching today I ponder the question what to wear? Any music festival has its challenges as a girl when it comes to outfit selection because you want to be stylish, but not over done. Additionally not to mention comfortable since you will be on your feet outside all day and if you live in Texas as I do the sun can still be very brutal this time of year. If only us girls had it as easy as the guys do, right? Well, I have selected some outfits that might provide some inspiration to make the “what to wear” decision a little easier at an affordable cost.

Pop of Color Festival Outfit

ACL Outfit 1

Outfit Breakdown:

1. Charlotte Russe Crochet Flutter Crop Tank @ $16.99

2. H&M Denim Shorts @ $19.95

3. H&M Belt with Embroidered Band @ $7.95

4. Forever 21 Free Spirited Chevron Cuff @ $4.80 & Forever 21 Raised Stripe Cuff @ $4.80

5. Body Central Thong Sandals @ $9.90

Total Cost of Outfit: $63.39

Fun with Fringe Festival Outfit

ACL Outfit 2

Outfit Breakdown:

1. Charlotte Russe Diamond Graphic Fringe Tee @ $19.99

2. Forever 21 Edgy Chain Bracelet @ $5.80

3. Forever 21 Girly Pearl Cut Off Shots @ $24.80

4. Body Central Combat Boots @ $19.90

Total Cost of Outfit: $70.49

Have a great time at whatever music festival you attend and remember comfort is key, wear flats, and always keep it classy not trashy!